6 Ways to Make the Most Money with Leadpages

What do top partners do to consistently earn top commissions (40-50%) every month?

What really works with affiliate marketing,
particularly when promoting Leadpages?

We're talking about going from paying for a nice dinner out once in a while...

 ...to making monthly mortgage payments and taking a sweet vacation just with the commissions from our program. 

Our top partners do three or more of these strategies on a regular basis.

The best part is, you don't need a huge audience to get started with any of these. And you can do most of these once per year, but get paid every month (and for years to come) from your efforts.


Share your own success with Leadpages

Historically, affiliates who share their personal experience with Leadpages average 2x the commissions of those that do not.

In all your promotions, don't be shy about your own results!

Be more strategic on social media

Share, engage, and promote yourself and your recommendations several times per week. You don't want promotions to seem out of place to your followers.

Use a Leadpages landing page as your #linkinbio page, and include your affiliate link on that page.

Engage in both live and automated email marketing

Don't just include Leadpages occasionally in your newsletters and broadcasts!

Add autoresponder messages in your follow-up sequences so that your recommendation for Leadpages is visible to all subscribers no matter when they join your list.

Recommend Leadpages inside your courses and lead magnets

Share how lead generation (and therefore Leadpages) can support your students’ goals in the rest of your course or free guides. Talk to us if you'd like help in creating a bonus module for your program.

Create quality, evergreen content

Publish blog posts, reviews, and/or YouTube tutorials about Leadpages and related marketing ideas (list building, advertising, course creation, etc.).

Create these once, then send traffic to them throughout the year!

Get a special deal for your audience

After you've gained traction as a partner and made your first few sales, your efforts can be rewarded with an exclusive deal to promote.

Check out our current incentives for unlocking these types of deals.

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