You Can Win an Extra $2500 in Our BFCM Affiliate Contest

Be the top affiliate during our Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions and score the top cash prize.

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Contest Rules

Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday contest runs between October 20 - December 2, with final count of new customers determined December 16. 

Based on the number of paid accounts you refer during this promotion (minimum of 7 sales to qualify), you’ll be eligible to win one of the following cash prizes (in addition to your commissions):

  • First Place: $2500
  • Second Place: $1500
  • Third Place: $1000
  • Random Winner: $500

Winners for the first 3 prizes are determined by how many new referrals convert to a paid customer between November 3 and December 16 (to account for the free 14-day trial).  

The Random Winner is determined by a random draw of all other affiliates who referred a paid customer during the contest (excludes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners). One entry per paid referral!

In case of a tie for the top 3, we'll look at the total new revenue driven by the affiliates during the contest to pick the winner. 

Final results will be published by December 17 and prizes will be delivered by January 15 as part of our December commission payout.

As usual you CAN:

  • Offer a non-cash bonus to your referrals
  • Create your own landing page to “pre-sell” our offer
  • Promote this deal via email to your own list
  • Promote this deal on social media
  • Promote this deal via ads
  • Use Leadpages in the title and description of your ads
  • Use Leadpages as part of the slug of your URL

But you CAN NOT:

  • Give a rebate or cash bonus to your referrals
  • Publish this deal to coupon sites
  • Promote this deal via email to a purchased email list
  • Use Leadpages trademark terms as your advertising keyword
  • Use Leadpages within your root domain name
  • Include false or misleading information in your promotions
  • Or otherwise break our terms of service (available here)

Contest Timeline

  • October 20 - November 1: Promote Sales Page Training Camp
  • November 2 - November 13: Promote free lead magnets
  • November 14 - November 25: Promote Black Friday Offer
    50% off Leadpages
    Annual Plans + AI Headline Generator Early Access
  • November 27 - December 2: Promote Cyber Monday Offer
    50% off Leadpages
    Monthly Plans for 6 months + Sales Page Training Camp (Course)

Creating Your Referral Links

Your default affiliate link is pointing to our pricing page with the deal applied automatically.

However, we recommend creating custom links to our offer landing page to provide more details for your referrals.

The URL to use is: https://lp.leadpages.com/bfcm22-cyber-monday-50/

Login to PartnerStack to create your custom link in the Links tab.

UPDATED December 3 (11:20 AM)

Current Leaderboard

Here's where things stand for the top 20
(based on new converted accounts + revenue).
⬆️ 🔻 – Movement since last update

  • Parul Bhargava ($2500)
  • Igor Kheifets ($1500)
  • Jason Squires ($1000)
  • Ibukun Akeredolu
  • Mark Spera
  • Finnich Vessal
  • Valerie McKeown
  • Stephanie Beekhuysen
  • Amy Porterfield
  • Rachel Luna
  • Vandelay Design
  • Damon Greene
  • Bill Faeth
  • Gemma Bonham-Carter
  • Kundan Sharma
  • Santiago Padilla ⬆️
  • Phil Nijean 🔻
  • CeAnne Jones 🔻
  • Klaas Knook 🔻
  • Geni Ramos 🔻