Platform Migration

The Leadpages affiliate program is now on PartnerStack!

The Move to PartnerStack is Complete

The Leadpages partnership team is thrilled to upgrade our partnership management platform to bring you greater clarity and transparency, and make it easier for you to succeed as a partner. We have migrated from Impact to PartnerStack, an affiliate platform better suited for recurring revenue SaaS programs like ours.

This move was finalized on November 1, 2021.

With a big change like this, we’re sure you have questions. This page will answer (hopefully) all of your questions. If you have a question we didn’t answer here, please send it to 


Welcome to PartnerStack

Log in to PartnerStack

How to Access Your New Account

Log in to PartnerStack via either of these two links:

If you were an affiliate within the Impact platform, then we sent you an invitation email on October 4. This email has the subject line, "Verify your partnership with Leadpages," and it came from Leadpages ( This invitation was sent to the same email address as the one you were using with Impact.

You can also claim your account by entering the same email address you've used with us, and requesting a lost password.

If neither of these methods work, please contact our support team.

  • Note: if you start a new PartnerStack account instead of claiming the PS account we created for you, you will lose any historical referrals.

Key dates to know

The migration is fully complete on November 30. Here's a quick recap of the timeline, in progress.

  • October 4
    Migration to PartnerStack begins. Join the Leadpages affiliate program on your new or pre-existing PartnerStack account.
  • October 31
    Deadline to update your referral links to PartnerStack to ensure no lost referrals for new accounts.

  • November 1
    Impact cookies are no longer set on new referrals. 

November 30
Last day for Impact Referrals to be counted. The last day for Impact cookies to be set on new referrals is October 31. Given Impact’s 30-day cookie tracking window, November 30th will be the last day to get credit for new Impact referrals. 

What do I need to do to migrate?  

On October 4, we sent you an invitation from to claim your PartnerStack account. The subject line is: "Verify your partnership with Leadpages."

  • Note: if our emails currently land in your Promotions tab, we recommend moving them into your Primary inbox to reduce the risk of missing the updates.

In case you can’t find or don’t see the email invite to Leadpages’ program on PartnerStack, you can easily access your new PartnerStack account by entering the email address you use for Impact into the password reset page from PartnerStack.

Again—be sure to use the same email address as your Impact account so that all your historic data is waiting for you when you log in!

Once you've logged in, be sure to review and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Leadpages affiliate program to finalize your move.

How can I make sure I've successfully made the move?


Make sure you're seeing our emails
Whitelist and to make sure our emails are coming directly into your inbox instead of a Promotions tab. We send affiliate marketing tips and promotional opportunities every fortnight.


Accept the terms and conditions
The first time you log into PartnerStack, you will have the opportunity to review and accept the terms and conditions.


Update your payout setting
Within PartnerStack, go to Rewards and Withdrawals to connect your payouts to Stripe or Paypal.


Create custom referral links inside PartnerStack
With the new system, you can create links like to promote any Leadpages content on and Our affiliate link sheet is a great resource for finding high-converting promotional content.


Find your Impact links "in the wild"
Track down the old affiliate links you’ve published to your blog, in autoresponders, PDFs, course materials, etc. Replace the raw affiliate link with your new PartnerStack links.

Also remember to check any redirects you may have created in the past (such as, and update them to the new PartnerStack links.

If you are still using even older versions of affiliate links like these, they no longer work track referrals, and should be replaced ASAP:



Create a redirect with Leadpages

Affiliate Link Sheet

Note: The video shows a previous version of the Impact sheet.
Be sure to use the PartnerStack sheet in the same workbook.

What happens to my past referrals? Do I still earn commissions?

Yes! Behind the scenes, our team worked with PartnerStack to link recurring transactions from your referrals to your new PartnerStack affiliate account.

Inside your account you will see the names and emails of your past and current referrals.

  • Note: Before November 13, historical commissions previously earned and paid out via Impact may be showing inside PartnerStack as "pending." This is a temporary discrepancy that will go away November 13. Any transactions that occurred on or after October 1 will be paid out via PartnerStack. All September transactions will be paid out via Impact on Nov. 15 and all transactions that occurred prior to Sept. 1 have already been paid out via Impact and will not be repeated.

What's new with the PartnerStack platform?

See your commissions at a glance
Your comprehensive PartnerStack dashboard will clearly display the sum of your referrals’ transactions and your estimated commission (PartnerStack calls these "rewards"). Then, simply click into the ‘Rewards’ tab to see which commission tiers you’ve achieved.

Enjoy a longer attribution window
That’s right! You now have a 90-day cookie lifetime (vs. the current 30-day). That’s 3x more time for us to convert your referral traffic into customers and lifetime commissions.

Receive your payouts quicker than ever before
Rewards are typically paid out on the 13th of each month. Keep in mind that there can be unpredicted delays in payouts that could result in your rewards coming after the 13th. Once your rewards have been approved and paid for by Leadpages, your funds will be available for cash out on the Rewards & Withdrawals page.

See your referrals (name and email)
Want better visibility into the people you refer to Leadpages? You’ve got it! They show up in the ‘Referrals’ tab of your PartnerStack dashboard. You can now easily:

  • Keep track of your referral's activity (sign-ups, purchases, and company)
  • Filter between different referral statuses; Sign-ups, Paid, Lost, etc.
  • Search your referrals by name or email in the search bar

Commission tiers set on a rolling 30-day basis
Rather than resetting your commission tiers every calendar month, they’re now dynamically calculated on a rolling 30-day basis.

The full revised terms of the Leadpages affiliate program are available here.

Why did Leadpages switch to PartnerStack?

We’re grateful for the efforts our partners put forward in promoting Leadpages, and wish to provide an affiliate dashboard and commission reporting experience that’s crystal clear and motivating for improved performance.

PartnerStack provides us with a more robust toolset to support your promotional efforts. Impact’s strengths as a platform lie within e-commerce product sales, while PartnerStack excels with SaaS companies and our recurring revenue model.

In addition, the feedback we received from our top affiliates over the last two years was extremely helpful in guiding this decision.

Part of what you’ll love about PartnerStack is:

  • An improved dashboard to view your transactions and commissions
  • 3x longer cookie attribution (now 90 days)
  • Quicker payout schedule (on the 13th of every month immediately following the referring month)
  • Ability to see your referrals by name and email
  • Access to more sales enablement content
  • Access to various challenges and contests to boost your monthly payout

Will my activity in PartnerStack accurately reflect what I’m earning?

Yes! Your affiliate dashboard within PartnerStack will clearly display the sum of your referrals’ transactions and your estimated reward (payout). Then, simply click into the ‘Rewards’ tab to see which commission tiers you’ve achieved for each transaction (Bronze 10%, Silver 40%, Gold 50%).

Will I be able to see who I’ve referred to Leadpages?

Yes! You will be able to follow up with referrals who’ve started their Leadpages account thanks to your recommendation. You can see their name (or business name) and email address so you can follow up with them for additional support, provide bonuses, etc.

You are also be able to easily:

  • Keep track of your referral's activity (sign-ups, purchases, and company)
  • Filter between different referral statuses; Sign-ups, Paid, Lost, etc.
  • Search your referrals by name or email in the search bar

Who do I contact if I have questions about my PartnerStack account?